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Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence
Enjoying Life Today While Planning For Tomorrow
Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence & Enjoying Life Today While Planning for Tomorrow



Helping You Plan For and Achieve a Comfortable Retirement

Services Offered & Lifestyle Promoted By: Mike Gibson, CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™)


Retirement Planning - Figuring out where you want to go & how to get there

Evaluation - Assessing where you are today and if you are on course

Tax Management - Tax planning and reduction 

Investments - Maintaining the right mix of cash, bonds and equities

Risk Management - Helping to reduce the risk you take in your life

Estate Planning - Protection, use & distribution of your assets


Insurance Protection - Life, Accident, Health & Long Term Care Insurance

No Debts - Living without Debt - "Pay as you go" - "Cash is King" 


Pay Yourself First - A piece of all you earn is yours to keep forever

Retire In Comfort - The reward for living & saving smart

Overall Life Focus - Big picture prospective with attention to details

Stress Reduction - By knowing your financial life is in order

Professional Advice & Money Management - You don't need to do it alone

Education - Educated clients are the best clients

Review Your Progress - Monitoring your progress with periodic reviews

Independence - Having more control of your own destiny

Time - To do the things you wish you do and when you wish to do them

Your Way - Ultimately, you decide what's right for you and your life

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You pick the products or services you want or need help with as every client is unique and receives customized planning to fit their situation.