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Enjoying Life Today While Planning for Tomorrow
Planning For And Achieving Financial Independence
Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence & Enjoying Life Today While Planning for Tomorrow


What You Will Learn in This Book


  • The major necessities for happy and successful living
    • Hope, faith & spirituality
    • Good physical and mental health
    • Knowing understanding yourself
    • Accepting yourself as you are today
    • People to love and be loved by
    • Things to occupy your days
    • Money to live comfortably
    • Living life in balance
  • How success begins with you
  • Your attitude determines your altitude
  • How the basic hierarchy of needs effect your life
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • Making decisions that effect your life
  • Learning from your past to shape your future
  • That it is OK to fail and how to learn from that failure
  • Shaping your future by thinking about how you want to be remembered
  • Living life with purpose
  • To develop the vision to see your future
  • Understanding what goals are and how to increase your chances of reaching them.
  • How your reasons have more to do with goal achievement than the goal itself.
  • How to set and achieve personal and professional goals - How to make them personal
  • Alternate goal-planning methods to help you find a style that fits you best

Mike Gibson is a lifelong planner and achiever of personal and professional goals. As a student of the principles in this book he has earned multiple degrees, professional credentials, licenses, and awards. Mike has achieved major success in engineering, marketing, sales, customer service, operations and finance. Now you have the opportunity to learn from his experience with his unique prospective and teaching ability.


Enjoying life today while planning for tomorrow is a worthy goal for each of us as we seek to enjoy the life we are living today while planning for and creating the life we want to live in the future.


This book is full of useful and timely information and it will help you better understand yourself, what you want from life and how to achieve it while avoiding many mistakes along the way. Enjoy the journey.



By: Mike Gibson











Chapter                         Subject


   1                  Hope, Faith & Spirituality

                        Building a strong foundation for living life today while planning for tomorrow


   2                  Good Physical Health

                                    Taking care of your body so it will last you a lifetime


   3                  Good Mental Health

                                    Keeping and cultivating good mental health.


   4                  Knowing and Understanding Yourself

                                    The better you know and understand yourself the happier you will be


   5                  Accepting Yourself as you Are Today While Taking Full Responsibility for your Future

            You can’t change the past but you can change your future

“I Like You”

            “Letting Your Light Shine”


   6                  People to Love and To Be Loved By

Relationships make the world go round


   7                  Things to Occupy You’re Days

                                    What you are doing for a living


   8                  Things To Look Forward to Having, Doing, Achieving or Places to go

                                    “You’ve Got to Have Goals”


   9                  Money To Allow You To Live Comfortably

                                    Income to support yourself and your family

                        10 Fundamental Steps to Achieve Financial Independence

                                    Minimizing taxes

                                    Retirement Plans

                                    Buying a home

                                    Monitoring and correcting your credit report

                                    Managing and tracking your investments


   10                  Living Life in Balance

                                    Letting life touch you


                        Section I Summary

            “You Win - I Win”

            “Driving For Success”



Introduction - Success Begins with You


Chapter                            Subject


   11                  Your Attitude Determines your Altitude

“The Magic Word”

                                    Dynamics of a negative attitude

                                    Dynamics of a positive attitude

                                    Self Talk: Your thoughts speak louder than words

                                    Positive: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can”

                                                Negative: “If I woulda”, “I shoulda”, “if I coulda” and “If only”

Self-Esteem: Why you should like yourself - The winner within

                        Being open to see things differently


   12                  Our Basic Hierarchy of Needs


   13                  Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

                        Assessing your strengths and weaknesses

                                    Creating your “Good Stuff” list

                                    Identifying your greatest strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve

                                    Accepting myself as I am today

                        Taking responsibility for yourself and your life


   14                  Making decisions that effect your life


   15                  Learning From The Past

                                    Remembering the good times - thanks for the memories

                                    Learning from your past mistakes and misfortunes

                        Learning from others mistakes and successes

                                    Forgive but don’t forget

                                    Yesterday’s failures are today’s wisdom

                                    Lessons learned from your parents

                                    Lessons learned from others

                                    Learning from your past

                                    Excising the ghosts of the past

                                    Tips for Learning from the Past


   16                  It’s OK to Fail


                                    Lessons learned from life

                                    Lessons learned from a broken marriage


   17                  How will I be remembered?

                                    Questions to ponder


   18                  Living Life with Purpose

                                    Determining your life purpose

                                    Creating “Your Personal Life Mission Statement”

                        Creating “Your Personal Principles For Living”


                        Section II Summary

                                    Success PIE For a Winner



Introduction - The Vision to See Your Future


Chapter                       Subject


   19                  What Are Goals

                                    What is a goal?

                                    Goals should be

                                    Increasing your changes of achieving your goals

                                    Areas of your life where you should set goals

                                    Living life in balance


   20                  Achieving Goals Results in Success

                                    What is success?

                        Identifiers of Success

                                    Childhood successes

                                    “The Number One Killer of Achievement in America Today”


   21                  You’ve got to have enough reasons


   22                  How To Set and Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

              Determining what you Desire

              Creating “Your Personal Dream Sheet”

              Sort your goals - by year

              Prioritize your goals

              My short-range, intermediate, and long range goals

              How to focus on your goals and hit multiple targets at the same time

              Planning as a team