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Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence
Enjoying Life Today While Planning For Tomorrow
Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence & Enjoying Life Today While Planning for Tomorrow


Mike Gibson is a son, husband, father and grandfather with a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share with those who want to learn, so they don't create mistakes that Mike or others have made.

His training and experience as a child, in the US Air Force, and as a Electrical/Electronic Engineer gives Mike a solid foundation, discipline, and problem solving skills. As an engineer, he designed and launched products that made mega millions of dollars for his employers. After earning his MBA (Masters in Business Administration), Mike shifted from design to management and rapidly rose to executive management positions, where he led departments and companies in engineering, marketing, sales and operations, helping to promote and instill discipline and add to the success of each company.

While working in technology, Mike went back to school and transitioned his career over to financial planning, as he wanted to help others to make wise financial choices, so they could plan for and achieve a comfortable retirement. Mike now has over 25 years of investment and finance experience to add to his broad and well-diversified background, which helps him to better serve his clients and his readers.

In addition to being a licensed Financial Advisor, Independent Advisor Representative, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™, and Certified Financial Planner™, Mike is also an Accredited Speaker (Toastmasters International award "for professionalism and outstanding achievement in public speaking"), and he has degrees in Engineering (BSEE from University of Illinois) and Business (MBA from Georgia State University).

Mike has written three books, his first called Speak What's on Your Mind was his first, but has not yet been published. It takes what he learned in life and in Toastmasters International to help readers communicate their thoughts and ideas one-on-one, to small groups or to large audiences. This book was delayed and will be published at a later date.

His second and third books were written and published at the same time and are called Enjoying Life Today While Planning for Tomorrow and Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence. Both of these books are available and can be purchased now.

Enjoying life today while planning for tomorrow is about living life in balance. In this book, you will learn how to assess your strengths and weakness, identify what you want to change, how to set and achieve personal and professional goals, how to get from where you are today how to create the life you would love to live, and most important how to enjoy life today as you plan for tomorrow.

Planning for and achieving financial independence will guide you to do just that, become financially independent, which Mike describes as doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, because you want to do it, thus giving you more control of your own destiny.

As a wealth manager and financial planner, Mike's motto is "I achieve my goals by helping others achieve theirs" and his mission is to help clients and readers to "define, plan for and achieve a comfortable retirement." He does this by focusing on the "big picture" of his client's life while paying attention to details of their life in the following areas:

        > Financial planning process and investment diversification
        > Retirement Planning and transition from work to retirement
        > Debt management, reduction, and payoff
        > Insurance planning and risk management
        > Tax planning and reduction
        > Estate planning and maximizing assets that go to heirs
        > Business retirement plans & benefits (set-up and management)

Reading Mike's books is like having him beside you, seeing what you are seeing, as he helps you make wise life decisions and avoid many of the pitfalls he and others have encountered. Read Mike's books, learn from his life experiences, failures and those of others, as you create the life you would love to live.

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