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Enjoying Life Today While Planning For Tomorrow
Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence
Planning For and Achieving Financial Independence & Enjoying Life Today While Planning for Tomorrow


What You Will Learn in This Book


  • What financial independence really is and why you should strive to achieve it.
  • How to systematically save for the future so you can create the life you would love to live.
  • The power of compounding and how it will help your money grow faster then you think.
  • The "rule of 72" which shows how time and interest rate work.
  • How saving a piece of every dollar you bring financial independence to you and everyone.
  • Why you can't touch your savings until you reach your financial goal.
  • The magic concept of "Forward Budget Planning for Financial Independence".
  • Determining where you are today so you will have a point of reference.
  • Learning how to or relearning how to budget your money.
  • How to become 100% debt free (including your home) - And faster then you might think.
  • Owning your home free and clear.
  • How to plan for the unexpected by understanding and using Insurance and Wills.
  • To prepare financially for your retirement years and for those that you love upon your death.
  • Bringing it all together as you plan for and achieve financial independence.

Mike Gibson began learning the theory of money and what it takes to achieve financial independence at the age of 10 from his father, a Physicist who could take any subject and explain it in simplistic terms, even to a child. While his father was teaching the theory of money, Mike’s mother taught him how to apply this theory as she handled the family money and practiced sound money management principles daily. 

By his late teens, Mike was well on his way to achieving financial independence. 

Unfortunately, as it often does, life got in the way and although he dreamed daily of financial independence he found himself walking toward financial disaster. 

Fate stepped in and gave Mike a second chance to relearn the lessons of money and this time the lessons stuck. While the journey would be much tougher the second time around., after years of applying, practicing and refining these lessons, Mike now passes these lessons on to you. May you read, learn and achieve financial independence and on your terms.




By: Mike Gibson






Chapter                                   Subject 


   1                  Achieving Financial Independence


   2                  Saving For The Future 


   3                  The Power of Compounding


   4                  The Rule of 72


   5                  Saving a Piece of Every Dollar You Earn


   6                  Don’t Touch Your Savings


   7                  Forward Budget Planning For Financial Independence


   8                  Your Financial Report Card - Determining Where You Are Today

                 Give Yourself Credit – Your Credit Report

                 Calculating Your Current Net Worth


   9                  Learning or Relearning How to Budget


10                          10                 How to Become 100% Debt Free


11                          11                 My/Our Personal Plan for Becoming 100% Debt Free


12                          12                 Owning Your Home Free & Clear


13                          13                 Planning For The Unexpected - Insurance and Wills


14                          14                 Estate Planning – To Prepare you for Life or Death


15                                               Highlights & Summary




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       Glossary of Terms